Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Housing Crash Links

Review of Articles/Links/Resources (suggest right click to open link in new tab), just so when in 2013 someone spouts 'no-one saw this coming':

My Pevious Posts On This Unfolding Tragedy.

Rents Rise as House Prices Fall  (THE MYTH busted)
California Dreaming  (THAT famous California housing quote which I found but no one acknowledges)
Whats that on the horizon Captain? (Melbourne's unfolding disaster; Investment; Ignorance)
Plenty of room at the Hotel California  (Sunny Coast vs California)
History Never Repeats  (its not different, ever)
Financial Drought and Australian Banks  (mortgage backed mega debt)
The Nurse and the Cop  (reality check)
Australia's Last Property Crash   (a 6 decade disaster)
As Safe as Bricks and Mortar  (as a mal-investnment)
Paradigms and Plateaus (Melbourne vs Florida)
Smells Like? (the housing vs consumer correlation)
Bill Evans U-Turn (IRs)
Investing in Toxic Garbage with Taxpayer's Money
In A Good Position With Sound Fundamentals
Down, Down, Deeper and Down.
TIMBERRRRRRR!!  (Brisbane)
Taking Out A Dent (the hedge fund vs idiots that profess to be experts) 

Prof Steve Keen (sharpest economist in Australia IMO) 

Retracing the Great Recession

Mike Shedlock (US Financial Blogger/Analyst/Advisor)

Australia Real Estate Bulls Trot Out Every Cliché Known To Man
Australia Heads For Economic Crunch
Australia's "Tulip Mania" About to Crash
Housing Denial in Australia Feeds Off Same Myths We Heard in the US  (I laugh everytime I read this)
Economic Bust in Australia:Near-Record Corporate Bankruptcies, Employment Drops Unexpectedly

Money Morning (their free daily newsletter is a must)

Revealed: The truth about Aussie house prices - and how the property industry's covered it up
Why the Mainstream Wants to Silence Us (excellent housing 'shortage' mythbuster)
Where is the “Point of Control” for Aussie Housing? (technical analysis)
Why There’s Nothing Genetic About Housing (another reality check)
Should You Buy, Sell or Rent? (ditto)
Aussie House Price Falls Start to Bite (more debunking)
That’s Not a Landbank, It’s a Housing Glut  ('greater fool theory' makes an appearance)

If you sign up to Money Morning you get those daily bulletins for free, lately they have been focussed on the Euro crisis, Aussie dollar and stocks. Funnily enough, the best financial newsletters are free.

Macrobusiness (the best econoblog in Australasia)

Megalink to over 250 Australian Housing Bubble posts.

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