Monday, 24 October 2011

European Vacation

Lots of great stuff from Zerohedge and Mike Shedlock on the weekend's European Comedy Capers...


European Finance Ministers Driven To Despair As Reality Returns (grim)

Greek Writedowns - Let's Do ONE Thing Correctly (defining default?)

They Can't Even Coordinate Press Conferences (more comedy)

Guest Post: The European Financial Crisis In One Graphic: The Dominoes Of Debt (more serious)

Summarizing The Sheer Chaos In Europe: 9 Meetings In 5 Days

Europe Goes Full Bailout Retard: EFSF Rescue Capital To Be Officially Double-Counted (back to comedy)

Watch Merkozy Cracking Up Following Question If Italy Can Implement Reforms (now even they are laughing)

Mike Shedlock (about 4 days of amazing Keystone Kops style silly stuff in chronological order):

Leveraged EFSF Violates Maastricht Treaty; "Merkozy" Master Plan Comes Unglued

EU Commissioner Seeks to Prohibit Rating Agencies from Rating Stressed Debt; IMF Report on Greece Held Up in Dispute with EU

Merkel Cancels Speech to Parliament; "Merkozy Marbles"

Euro Summit Statement "Leaked" Draft Looks Like Swiss Cheese; 10-Point Proposal for More Meetings

EU Given Rope, Hangs Itself

Magic Turns 340 Billion Euros Into 940 Billion Euros; Six-Day Marathon of Lies, Deceit Underway

Late Payments in Spain Soar to 7.14%, Highest Since 1994; Portugal Economy Expected to Contract More than Forecast in 2012

EU Diplomatic Source Says Worst Case Scenario Would Consume Entire EFSF, Haircut of "At Least 50%" Coming or IMF will Not Proceed

EU Finance Ministers Decide to Force Banks to Take Bigger Greek Bond Losses, Recapitalize by $140 Billion; Amount Insufficient, Few Other Details

"Resurrection of Dead" Stories by The Telegraph (US of E? Getting hilarious)

EU is reporting "Progress" but None of it is Meaningful

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