Monday, 1 August 2011

Nailing It!!

On Friday 22nd July after the Euroidiots bailout-to-fail I shorted the Euro against the Swiss Franc on a number of factors. I posted the weekend before the event, my observation about a posssible rush to swissie.

 If they both sell off the main money flow could be to the Swissie (Swiss Franc - CHF).

A follower emailed me a valid point:
You forgot , sine qua non currency - GOLD. The last man standing.
(thanks Paddy, very remiss of me)

I ended up shorting the pair 6 times (letting each position ride and adding to each aka "fading in") in 6 days.

The horizontal green dotted lines are each sell point, the red dotted line the last stop-loss (on all positions) as you can see at the time of editing the chart, the stop-loss is just a tad below my last short thereby locking in all profits. I ALWAYS use a trailing stop to lock in profits and tighten at key inflection or overbought/oversold.
(click on charge to enlarge)

Update. After I downloaded and edited that chart she fell even more from the 1.1202 level above to 1.1026   (-2% is a fortune in FX!!) and bounced up to hit my very tightended stop (x6 short positions) @ 1.1049 which happened to be the S3 Pivot Point (I'll explain pivots some other time).

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