Sunday, 31 July 2011

Quicklinks - 31 July

1. Murray Dawe's (Slipstream Trader) outlook for the ASX: 29th July 2011 - Slipstream Trader Market Update

2. Peter Brandt's scary post on Head-And-Shoulder Techs and the possibility of 75% declines in the NYSE (hat tip to Avidchartist):  Charts indicate a 75% decline in the U.S. stock market is possible

Jesse's notes (if you scoff at such declines):
  • Christmas 1989, Nikkei 225 (Japanese Stock Index) tops at 38,916
  • August 1992 - 14,820  Down 62% off peak in 30 months
  • June 1995 - 14,517 Down 62.7% off peak in 5 years and 6 months
  • October 1998 - 12,879 Down 67% off peak in 8 years and 10 months
  • April 2003 - 7,874 Down 79.8% off peak in 13 years and 4 months (BINGO!!)
  • February 2009 - 7,568 Down 80.6% off peak in 19 years and 4 months (BINGO MkII)
  • Today (29th July 2011 close) it sits at 9,833 in 21 years and 7 months since its peak, its down 74.7% since peak (BINGO Mk III).

(The stock part of the chart below only goes to early 2008 before the GFC kicked off but it paints a trend)

3. Mike Shedlock on Cap-and-Trade: New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism; Idiocies of Cap-and-Trade Exposed

4. Bloomberg on one of the [many] holes in the Euroidiots 'solution' last week:  Greek Bondholders May Shun Rescue as Potential Losses Top 21%: Euro Credit

5. Crude Oil in Australian Dollars over 3 months, 15.5% declines (anyone noticed a 15.5% decline in petrol prices? Me neither); $WTIC:$XAD - May, June, July


  1. I think you should link the NASA one to Macrobusiness' blog! I'm tempted to.

    And good question...where are those mysterious oil price reductions, certainly not on show at any Perth bowsers.


  2. Fill yer boots CF (linking) - I need some more third parties to link me in lieu of blowing my own horn.

    Food for thought...if we had the 15% reduction in fuel (transportation of goods etc) where would the inflation be?

    A nation of lemmings.

    Thanks for the comments.