Saturday, 7 January 2012

Jobs On the DebtStar, Be Quick!

So in last night's news the USA added 200,000 jobs last month and the spruikers cheered that the USA was in recovery but the market said "f*ck you". And, the spruikers scratched their heads and wondered why (Euro meltdown countdown nothwithstanding) as they bullshitted on about 'value' and a forward looking 'market'.

Here is the problem in a few lines.

US Jobs added in 2 years 2,283,000 (Great!!)
US National Debt added in 2 years $3,066,000,000,000 (Whoa!!) 
Borrowings per job $1,083,392 (See a problem?)

Average US wage is $47,000 so by borrowing $1,083,392, the US Govt has borrowed 23years wages per job.

US National Debt increase in 2 years 25%
US National Debt increase in 4 years 64%

US National Debt in January 2000 $5.774 Trillion
US National Debt in January 2008 $9.257 Trillion
US National Debt in January 2012 $15.201 Trillion (tripled in 12 years!!)
US National Debt in January 2015 $23.920 Trillion (estimate based on current growth!!)

12 years as a percentage of the USA's 235.5 year history is 5.1 % of the said nation's illustrious existence and in that short period the debt increased 163%. (Congratulations Dubya and Barack!).

Recovery my arse.

(but its OK, its an election year)


  1. I don't believe any Govt statistics anymore.

    Locally, Rudd adjusted our employment statistics so that the measurements were more favourable. Then they do it with the CPI to make inflation look low.

    Everywhere you look they just cherry-pick and manipulate statistics to pretend that things are better than they really are.

    It's a confidence game. You have to maintain confidence at all times, at all costs.

    Meanwhile, as you say, the numbers that matter are still on the increase (debt).

  2. To quote the 'other' Jesse (of the Cafe variety) on the 200K jobs:

    "While the number did beat expectations, it was largely due to temporary hiring for Christmas delivery and sales that was not properly deseasonalized."

    I don't trust journo's to do their jobs anymore. You'd think someone would pick that up, but they're probably too scared of being labelled 'unpatriotic'. Who'd go against the Reich?