Monday, 21 November 2011

Youth Unemployment In The EU

Nuremberg Rally 1936

Youth unemployment 15-24yo PIIGSUK

Portugal 27.7%
Ireland 29.8%
Italy 27.8%
Greece 42.9%
Spain 45%
UK 20.4%

More austerity anyone?

Austerity will involve cutting military budgets, pensions and some charismatic officers getting forced early retirement on reduced pensions. Now add reduced social welfare to those youths and you get no hope, no future, no cash. A powderkeg. All it needs is charismatic leadership offering hope and a future (add patriotism and nationalism).

How do you think Franco, Hitler and Mussolini got traction? The stage is set and only fools can't see we are back in the 1920s

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