Friday, 18 November 2011

When 30 Trillion Dollars Disappears, Where Does It Go?

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Global systemic crisis: 30,000 billion US dollars in ghost assets will disappear by early 2013 / The crisis enters a phase of widespread discounting of Western public debt 

Specifically, LEAP/E2020 anticipates the loss of 30,000 billion ghost assets by early 2013 (2), with an acceleration in 2012 of the partitioning process of the global financial market (3) into three increasingly disconnected currency areas: Dollar, Euro, and Yuan. These two phenomena feed into each other. They will also be the cause of a sharp decline of 30% on the part of US currency in 2012 (4), as we announced last April (GEAB N°54 ), which will occur amidst a sharp reduction in demand for the US dollar and the worsening of the US governmental debt crisis. The end of 2011 will therefore see, as anticipated, the trigger of the European debt crisis detonating a US bomb.

Gold will then go the moon if 30% is wiped off the USD.

Its all connected.
U.S. Banks Face Contagion Risk From Europe Debt

Check This Out...

Over $2.1Trillion and climbing. Mostly in a housing bubble. The land down under is going to get royally ****ed over.

Stockmarket Tech Update.

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