Monday, 6 June 2011

ANZ Job Ads Data - Cooling Labour Market

A key indicator of Australia's labour market and economy.

ANZ Job Ads Data May 2011

  • Newspaper job ads fell by 2.7%
  • Internet job advertising declined by 6.6%
  • Newspaper advertising has now fallen for three consecutive months
  • Internet advertising has fallen for two consecutive months.

Labour shortage Mr Swan?

As this graph from 2008 shows there is almost a perfect inverse correllation between the ANZ jobs data and the official unemployment rate 3 days later:

Unemployment data is out on Thursday @ 1130AEST.

Can't wait for the spin if Unemployment jumps to 5.0% - 5.2% and/or say 50,000+ full time jobs are lost

"Growth should recover strongly as mines return to more normal levels of production capacity. Unemployment is low and job creation is strong. Australia's terms of trade are at record levels and a strong pipeline of mining investment is now well underway."

"strong rebound [in the next quarter]as the economic impacts of the disasters ease and reconstruction picks up".

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