Saturday, 9 April 2011

Smithy and the Birds

Like the iPhone game where "Angy Birds" are lobbed on contented pigs but in reverse.

Smithy has lobbed one back at the Birds (The Red Lame Duck and The Goose with the insecure limb loosely draped on the fiscal tiller).

In an amazing speech published in The Oz...

Mr Smith said Labor was part of the world's "weak government club" that had emerged in the past two years, led by European and US administrations.

"This government is with the weak government club pretty strongly," he said. "We have a world of weak government. In times of minority governments, the tendency is not to see through the next political cycle. That leads to very short-term and very populist policy. That is never in the long-term interests of a country."

Wow, talk about biting the hand that feeds the Kleptocracy. Is Smithy leaving?

I mean the Goose just bought another $4B in Residential Mortgage Backed Securities. Bringing the total taxpayer holdings of Mortgage Junk to $20B according to The Wall St Journal .

Its friendly gestures like this that keeps the taxpayer on the hook for the dodgy lending practices as exercised by Smithy and his kleptocratic cabal underpinning (attempted inflating?) a housing bubble, which, according to some such as
The Economist is grossly over valued.

Is a divorce imminent? Where is the love?

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