Wednesday, 19 September 2012

South Australian Property Industry Panic

This is a propaganda campaign on Adelaide's trams. If anything, the numbers indicated are frightening and any discernible property slowdown in Adelaide is going to be disastrous. 
SA Property Industry Joins Forces  
He says the property industry employs one in 10 people throughout South Australia and contributes more than 43 per cent of the state’s revenue collection.

The new coalition was announced outside a unique vehicle which is being used to spread the message: a tram which has been given a facelift to make it resemble a building complete with workers.

On The Trams:

Why The Panic?

Industry gradually crumbling

Australian Construction Downturn Deepens

Housing shortage may, in fact, be a glut

The Ridiculous
This photos was sent in by reader George G (thanks mate, hat is tipped) and taken on his phone in Bendigo. The Aussie sub prime vested interest will claim every available victim it seems. Until there are no more and the Ponzi scheme has no new entrants.


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