Monday, 30 April 2012

Dilbert And The Deflating Property Bubble

Obviously Dilbert's colleague bought a home in the last few years, believing the vested interest spin [via the highly respected media] that 'property always goes up' because of the misguided wildebeeste's belief in a property 'shortage'*.

*(2006) Construction industry says housing crisis has hit California (I hear the same crap in SE Queensland)


  1. The article you link is just stunning. Just substitute HIA and South East Queensland and the similarities are a stand-out.

  2. Great posts lately Jesse

    It's funny that the bullish masses were happy enough to degrade renters during the bull, but that during the bust it'd be pretty poor taste to rub it in I think (to them in person, not on this blog).

    So I get to be right AND learn the value of not saying 'i told you so'. Sweet! ;)

  3. Thanks guys. Yes SE QLD = Southern California with touch of Florida.

    No one derides renters anymore.