Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Gold Since Late 2008 When The GFC/Depression Kicked Off

September and October 2008.

15th September 2008, Lehmann Bros fails - Gold Closes @ $785
10th October 2008, +$146 or 18.5% in  25 days - Gold Peaks @ $931
24th October 2008, -$250 or 27% in  14 days - Gold Closes @ $681 (as Institutional Funds liquidate everything to meet investor redemptions as panic sets in).

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And, since 24th October 2008 (note the dotted line of support)? Up $950 or 140% in 3years and 2 months.

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Where to when the Eurozone slides into the abyss in 2012 and the ECB is forced to 'print' Euros? Closely followed by the US Fed with its printing aka QE3 as the global credit freezes and the depression is in full swing.

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